Hi all! Rebecca Nesbitt here, and thrilled to share with you an exciting and unique twist on traditional baseball. Get excited for the inaugural California Righties vs. Lefties baseball game!

Game Summary

An exclusively right-handed playing team versus an all left-handed team.

This allows the opportunity for left handed players to prove that they can play shortstop, second base, third base and catch as well.

The inspiration of my idea? My son grew up playing pitcher and catcher as a lefty in little league. His team even won their District championship with him behind the plate!  He loved playing catcher, but knew his days behind the plate were limited. As he aged out of little league, and started playing high school ball, he was no longer allowed to play catcher.   We have all seen the little leaguers who are left handed and play catcher or short-stop just as well as any right-handed player. Can lefties play the traditional right-handed positions just as well? Hence, the idea was born!

Would you like to see such an interesting baseball game? Well you can at Raley Field on September 9th, 2017 at 12:05 am.

Tickets are only $25, and include a bonus game.

Friday, July 28th Sacramento River Cats vs Round Rock Express

  • Post game fireworks
  • Buster Posey Blanket giveaway to the first 2,500 fans

Saturday, September 9th Righties vs Lefties

  • Game -Free parking

Purchase Tickets

To purchase tickets simply click on the link and click on the “California Righties vs Lefties” link and use Promo Code CRVLB.

You can also email Rebecca Nesbitt, Game Coordinator at CONTACT@CRVLB.COM